The Discontinuity Singularity

Losing Powers or Getting the Best Powers? Sexiest Man Alive

During Mercado’s performance at the Bronze Chandelier he was attacked by a vampire. Finding that his powers had somehow been negated, Mercado was knocked unconscious and awoke with his martini glass stolen.
After calling an ambulance he dialed Boris, who had fought vampires while working for the FSB.
Allison came to visit William in the hospital, and so did another guest, the grandmother of Adolph Mann. Sophia explained that she was a Nightspawn, a race that has existed for centuries, keeping to the shadows and fighting back evils from humanity. She had come into conflict previously with Xavier, the vampire who attacked Mercado. She blamed him for her grandson’s death, and was aware that the two had been playing a game of cloak and dagger of magic artifact retrieval and searching. Sophia presented Boris with the cell phone of one of the assailants she had slain during the attack at the Bronze Chandelier.
Joseph and Boris investigated the bar further but only found the remains of a destroyed vampire. They later received a call tipping them off to airline tickets being dropped in a locker at the airport. Staking out (*pun intended) the airport for vampire activity, they followed a vampire to a bar, waited for activity, and entered the bar that afternoon.
After “planting” a distraction in the bathroom for the barkeep, Boris and Joseph found a hidden basement area and promptly killed the vampire who had dropped tickets at the airport.

Meanwhile,…Thunderhawk took the remains of Genome’s harvesting to Doctor Biennial’s lab and was able to reverse engineer the harvested biological materials to be compatible with human DNA. Boris, Joseph, and Mercado all underwent successfully bio-engineering with no negative side effects. So now Boris and Joseph have increased Healing Factors and Mercado is one of the most attractive men on the planet. Also, not reported by any mainstream media, a suspected nuclear device was detonated in or near Yucca Mt. or Nevada. Dr Biennial upgraded the groups quantum fiber suits with temporary radiation protection, just in case.


KingStupid KingStupid

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